Rams Winter League Teams 2018

Start Dates: Week of Janurary 8

  • Games played on Sunday late afternoon early evening at Grand Park Fieldhouse  
    Practice's will be schedule at the Ram, Hazel Dell Elementary School or NBGC, one per week 1 1/2 Hours
  • Cost Fall League $180.00 per player
    Cost Winter League $180.00 per player
    Cost Both Fall and Winter $330.00 per player
  • Uniform will be supplied, but will be returned at the last game of the season
    We are proud to offer a chance for individual kids the experience of team play with a year round program for 1st, and 2nd grade boys and girls that focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game of basketball, which encourages the kids to develop an interest in the sport and improve each season. We are committed to making sure that the boys and girls learn the game of basketball in a positive, fun and competitive environment.
    Lil Dribblers Youth Basketball teams for 1st, and 2nd grade kids will practice and train at the Ram Sports Academy and play in a competitive basketball league. Each league season consists of an 8 game regular season plus a single elimination, seeded championship tournament
    FIRST and SECOND GRADE boys and girls play on a full court with the baskets lowered to nine feet. The kids practice for 90 minutes each week, working on fundamentals and team play including dribbling, ball handling, shooting drills and defense.
    NOTE: Volunteer coaches are needed. If interested, please contact:
    Mark Tamm - -1-317-513-4482